The CQE course is a Doce Pares and Escrido inspired escrima, or Filipino Martial Arts, based course that teaches students how to fight with a stick, two sticks, stick and blade, and blade only elements.  This course naturally supports and enriches any martial arts you already know and is a perfect companion art to those that carry a handgun for self-defense or for work.  This series of instruction will cover things like grappling with a stick, clinch and take downs that are stick based, and much more.  This course can be taken concurrently with our CQS course, as the two courses enrich and support each other.

Close Quarter Escrima Course


Instruction and Course Topics

  • Single stick
  • Double stick
  • Stick grappling – clinch and ground fighting
  • Stick and blade – espada y daga

Course Length and Information

  • Courses are held every Thursday at 6:15pm
  • Minimum Age is 14 years old
  • Each module lasts from 3 to 8 weeks
  • Each class is 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes


New students can try this course on a trial basis before signing up.  Afterwards, the cost of the course is $45.00 charged monthly.  We don’t require contracts, but do offer discounts for multi-month purchases.  This course can be taken concurrently with our CQS course for $80/mo.